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Welcome to RoundCon
This is the official home of RoundCon on the web. Here you'll find all the information you need about RoundCon and everything that happens with the convention. Are you looking for more on a future or past convention? Go to the conventions menu above and click on the convention you are interested.

What is RoundCon?
RoundCon is a gaming, anime, and fan convention held annually in Columbia, South Carolina usually in the winter over a three day weekend. The convention offers a wide variety of RPG gaming (including RPGA events), board gaming, video gaming, war gaming anime events, cosplay events, artists, writers and much more.

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Major Update!
July 17, 2013 | Permalink
RoundCon Expo is just 17 days away! We hope everyone is excited for the longest running convention in the Carolinas! We are very excited about this year!

This year has not come without its unexpected changes. The biggest of course is our relationship with JustUs Production and the re-energizing of our gaming. Through all the changes we have experienced, we wanted to thank everyone for your support and enduring dedication to what RoundCon has been, evolved into and will be in the future.

It has come to a point that we have to make another change. We are changing locations. We have elected to switch venues due to some unprofessional implications from the sales team. We felt that the privacy of our attendees was being violated. Also, several of our requirements as an event could not be met at the facility.

RoundCon Expo will now be held at the Scottish Rites Center, and to some degree at the Days Inn! This is right across the street from the Medallion Center, so it is not a major change. The center has space and most importantly some very nice scenery for cosplay photo shoots. The majority of our programming will stay intact. There may be some adjustments, however, due to the reduction in available space but those will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Happy 4th of July!
July 4, 2013 | Permalink
In Celebration of the Fourth of July, RoundCon is offering a special promotion! Preregister now and when you arrive at the convention you are given your choice of the following: an Anime DVD, a Manga or a set of elite RoundCon Expo black six sided dice! (If you already pre-registered this does apply to you.)

We will be running this promotion until July 21st, or as long as the supplies last.

Head to the Registration Page to sign up.

We still have a few Vendor spots left. Be sure to get those applications in ASAP!

Finally, our panel submissions have been getting hit very hard with spam. That is greatly slowing down the process of approving panels. We are still accepting panels. Right now it is best to email us for panel submissions. Contact us at Sean AT Roundcon DOT COM.

Expect a lot of updates rolling out over the weekend!

RoundCon Expo 2013 Official Luanch
March 31, 2013 | Permalink
No April Fool's joke here! RoundCon 2013 is 4 months away.

We hope you haven't forgotten that RoundCon 2013 is happening this August. We've been quietly planning behind the scenes for our second ever Summer convention! We'll be at the Medallion Center in Columbia. We've been there before, with Maru-Con.

We are continuing to strongly focus on BOTH anime and gaming like the past year and we are adding a few new surprises.

We've updated the convention page with some of the things we are planning. We are going to roll out more information as we get commitments and more details. Remember to follows on Twitter (@roundcon) and like us on our Facebook page.

For the next two weeks memberships to RoundCon Expo 2013 are only $15!!! Pre-register now!! Also we have a sweet hotel deal of $67 per night.

Announcing Maru-Con
March 5, 2013 | Permalink
We are happy to announce that RoundCon Expo 2013 information will be available March 18th, 2013.

While you wait for RoundCon Expo developments, I would like to suggest that you attend Maru-Con 2013. What is Maru-con you may ask? Well its the sister convention to RoundCon and is almost 100% an anime convention. In addition you will be able to get a special RoundCon Expo 2013 rate at Maru-con along with information about the upcoming event!!

Maru-Con is happening March 16th at the Medallion Center located on Garner's Ferry Road. Pre-Registration is $5, and at the door memberships are $10.

Events include cosplay contest, a dance competition, discussion panels, workshops, Yu-gi-oh and Card Fight Vanguard tournaments, a dance, Jeoparday: Geek Edition and more. There will even be a table top gaming room with many awesome games being run provided by the Columbia Gamer's Guild and the USC Game Guild.

Please go to the website for Maru-Con Information and to pre-register!

“There is room for everyone at the Round Table”

RoundCon Expo 2013 Official Announcement
January 17, 2013 | Permalink
We are happy to announce that RoundCon Expo 2013 will take place August 2-4, 2013 at the Medallion Center located on Garner’s Ferry Road. Website will be updated by January 21st,2013.

Our staff has been hard at work choosing a venue that fit our methodology to entertainment. We also wanted to make sure that we had the key staff in place for continued quality programming. We listened carefully to all the feedback we were provided from the last three events.

One of the key changes to this year’s RoundCon Expo is the expansion of the table-top gaming programing. Contrary to rumor mill, we have never forgotten our roots in gaming. They were just misplaced for a time while we explored new programming. To facilitate a more comprehensive experience, we sought out the best individuals in the field to organize the massive gaming halls - Ron McClung and Jeff Smith. In addition we will have the folks from Storm Con helping out once again.

Anime and Cosplay Fans do not fret … we are also expanding our anime line up! The first and most exciting addition to the convention is a formal ball! We will also see the return of the AMV contest, game shows and a several live action events. Plus, we have several surprises in store that we are not ready to talk about.

We will also see the return of the film festival thanks to STIFF Magazine and Monster Con.

A lot is in the planning stages especially with the staff focused on the all new March event. Yes, you read that correctly. There is a new March event, which is just the first of many focused micro-events.

RoundCon Expo may have been quiet, but we have not been idle.

“There is room for everyone at the Round Table”

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